By: Linda Kmitch

Linda shares her story about her husband Bob and how his healthy lifestyle and many friends have improved his dementia journey

My husband was physically active for most of his life. He had worked in the trades and was constantly climbing ladders and using tools. He bicycled to work 20 miles a day. This was year-round, no matter how cold or icy it was.

Painting of BobI believe this lifelong physical activity delayed the onset of his dementia. His memory has slowly deteriorated, but it has taken several years to change from mild cognitive impairment to moderate impairment.

During most of his life, he was always there to help others and had lots of friends. His lifetime of many great friendships has now helped him. Most of those friends have stayed with him taking him to cribbage, to meetings, to volunteer, and on fishing trips. He cannot drive any longer. But, many of his friends have gone out of their way to involve him. He would have done the same for them. He is now 82 years old and has a hard time hearing and walking, but his buddies make sure that he is still involved in many social activities. A life of being physically and socially active can truly make aging so much better.

– A Grateful Caregiver and Wife