Care Navigator / Educator

The Care Navigator/Educator is the key member in daily operations of the D-CAN Dementia Resource Center.  Since this will be our first Care Navigator/Educator, we are looking for an exceptional person with multiple skills, varied and relevant background and passion for our mission to improve access to quality dementia care in our community.  The Care Navigator/Educator (CNE) is responsible for working with our medical clinicians as part of the team doing dementia evaluations, dementia risk assessments or educational and counselling sessions. The CNE welcomes, registers and prepares DRC clients and their caregivers for evaluations, follow-up visits or educational sessions. They serve as part of the evaluation and educational team maintaining first and continuing contact with our clients and families participating in our DRC support system. The CNE will be able to work either in-person or via telecommunication with our clients and collaborating clinicians and dementia services providers.  They will facilitate DRC visits with visiting educational specialists or therapists and make regular follow-up calls to document client and caregiver progress. Because our innovative service is expected to evolve as need dictates, candidates for CNE will, like other members of the team, be expected to be able to step in to do cross-function work when needed.  Other key duties include maintaining the client and clinician schedule, phone communications with clients, caregivers, referring clinicians and dementia services providers, and assisting clients with paperwork and consultation reports among others.

The CNE reports directly to the Executive Director or the Medical Director or their designate. All DRC team workers will make strict patient information security and privacy a priority. D-CAN and DRC staff and visitors will in all work follow D-CAN policy against discrimination based upon race, sex, gender identification, pregnancy or any other characteristic protected by law.


1)  DRC clinic scheduling and scheduling maintenance. Works with DRC clients, caregivers, clinicians and community dementia resource providers to maximize client experience and promote the DRC reputation

  •  Works in a manner that supports and promotes the organization’s mission as defined by the Board of Directors. 
  • Coordinates DRC clinicians and visiting services providers for optimal care quality and effectiveness
  •  Maintains DRC client and caregiver contact and support as needed for optimal care

2)  Supports and promotes the mission and activities of D-CAN within our medical community

  • Helps with and supports D-CAN/DRC fundraising activities
  • Participates in internal and external D-CAN/DRC educational activities
  • Collaborates with referring clinicians, dementia services providers and DRC volunteers
  • Performs other duties the Board determines as necessary as the DRC model of dementia care evolves

Professional Qualifications Needed: 

  • A bachelor’s degree matching the qualifications of this position
  • Transparent and high integrity work history.  Authentic effective communication.
  • Strong history of personal and professional connections in our community.
  • Experience and skill in working with a Board of Directors.
  • Willingness and capability to represent D-CAN/DRC in public or privately
  • Ability to effectively communicate the organization’s mission and vision to donors, volunteers collaborative partners and the community.
  • Ability to collaborate and work compatibly with D-CAN Board and DRC staff. 
  • Previous success in establishing relationships with individuals and organizations of influence including funders, partner agencies, activity collaborators and volunteers.
  • Solid organizational abilities, including planning, prioritization, program support and task facilitation.
  • Ability to assist with data gathering, management and program evaluation
  • Strong written and oral authentic communication skills that work well with older adults including those living with dementia symptoms
  • Strong public speaking ability and experience.
  • Strong work ethic with a high degree of energy.
  • Passionate about dementia and our mission to improve access to quality dementia care in our community. Be able to effectively demonstrate this passion with verbal and written communications in both small and larger venues. 

Compensation: Salary range, $45,000 – $55,000, commensurate with experience. 

Starting Date: September, 2021 

Procedure for Applying: Qualified candidates should e-mail a current resume, together with a cover letter indicating interest in the position and salary requirements to Patrick Zook, MD, Board President at  We will ask qualified candidates to complete a written application and letters of support from previous employers or mentors for consideration by a hiring committee of the D-CAN Board of Directors. 

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Central MN Dementia Community Action Network is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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