D-CAN Receives Funding from Central Minnesota Council on Aging

Written by Dr. Pat Zook

February 6, 2024

D-CAN Receives Funding from Central Minnesota Council on Aging 

Funding Provides Support to Older Adults Under the Older Americans Act Program


Saint Cloud, Minn. – February 6, 2024 – Central Minnesota Dementia Community Action Network (D-CAN), a dementia resource center clinic located in St. Cloud, Minn., is pleased to announce that their nonprofit has been approved to receive continued funding through Central Minnesota Council on Aging under the Older Americans Act Program. The funding will assist with outreach and other service offerings to older adults in a 14-county region. This funding will remain in place through December 2024. The funds provide services for Caregiver Consulting, Caregiver Support Groups as well as Informational Sessions.

    • Caregiver Consulting: D-CAN’s trained caregiver consultants provide caregivers with the resources to problem-solve, find current information, and develop the skills and emotional support needed to care for a loved one living with dementia. They help caregivers develop strategies to provide good care while also protecting the caregiver’s own health. Appointments are required. To learn more about this service, go to https://dcan-mn.org/caregiver-coaching/ or call to schedule an appointment at (320) 640-6726.
    • Caregiver Support Groups: Dementia Caregiver Support Groups enable caregivers to build a support system with people who understand what they are going through. Caregivers are able to share their concerns, questions, and feelings in a safe environment. D-CAN offers support groups at six locations in Central Minnesota. Registration is not required. To view the schedule of upcoming support groups, visit D-CAN’s website at https://dcan-mn.org/events/.
    • Informational Sessions: D-CAN offers public and media activity that conveys information to dementia caregivers about available statewide services.
    • Enhanced Wellness: EnhanceWellness (EW) is an evidence-based program that connects participants with a personal health and wellness coach to improve physical, emotional, and social well-being.
    • Caregiver Information and Assistance: A service that links the individuals to opportunities and services that are available.

These services, as well as all the clinical services available at D-CAN, allow persons living with dementia and those caring for individuals with dementia to receive much-needed support and improve access to quality dementia care in Central Minnesota.

About D-CAN and the Dementia Resource Center Clinic (DRCC)
Central Minnesota Dementia Community Action Network (D-CAN) provides a new approach to comprehensive dementia care focused on personalized care. D-CAN collaborates with patients, caregivers, families, and their dementia clinicians to slow the progression of dementia symptoms leading to more life to live. D-CAN offers dementia preventative care, dementia management care, medication review, caregiver coaching, caregiver support groups, dementia-informed counseling, and educational training at our Dementia Resource Center Clinic (DRCC) in St. Cloud., Minn. Visit our website at https://dcan-mn.org/.

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