Dementia Care

Personalized care to prevent or slow the progression of dementia

Personalized Dementia Care

We’ve seen too many families receive a dementia diagnosis and hear, “There’s nothing we can do, come back in a year.” A loved one receives a dementia diagnosis, but the family and patient receive no direction on what to do next. No suggestions for dementia-related services are provided. Families and patients feel helpless and struggle to find hope. We believe that collaborating with a patient, their family, and their dementia clinician can slow the progression of dementia symptoms leading to more life to live.

Step-by-Step Care

  • We start with a thorough dementia risk assessment and evaluation in our office, then formulate a diagnosis and management plan. A patient’s referring primary care or specialty clinician remains in charge of their care, but we partner with them to provide a more thorough and successful management.

  • We provide personalized recommendations for diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation, connection, health habits, and therapeutics to slow the progression of dementia symptoms.

  • We provide patients with regular follow up in collaboration with their primary clinician and dementia services providers. And we provide caregivers and families with educational sessions and prevention strategies to partner in their loved one’s progress. 

What’s your risk of dementia? Take the quiz!

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Understanding your dementia risk or a loved one’s risk, is a great place to begin when your worried about the disease. Download the pdf, and take the dementia assessment quiz to find out your level of risk.

Appointments Required

Dementia Prevention Consultations are available to current and new Dementia Resource Center Clinic patients and their caregivers. Are you concerned about dementia for you or a loved one? Call our Dementia Resource Center Clinic and book an appointment.

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