Dementia Informed Counseling

for Couples & Families

New Service Coming Soon!

Dementia Informed Counseling brings renewed hope, insight, and life to a couple’s or family’s previously solid relationships turned upside down by dementia. This can help get relationships back on track with new understanding with just a little professional guidance. Each counseling session helps the person living with dementia, the caregiver and/or family to reconnect with each other with new viewpoints but with the same love as before the dementia. Counselors take a positive and constructive approach in identifying solutions to the new situation that are do-able and beneficial for all.

What Happens During a Counseling Session

Sessions last up to one hour and are scheduled with a licensed counselor or supervised intern. The counselor asks questions, and solutions are provided. In many cases, only one or two sessions are needed. Should there be a significant roadblock that may forestall the desired solutions, a referral to a community provider may be possible.


Brandon Jensen

Brandon Jensen


Sarah DeVos

Sarah DeVos


Becky Hoffman

Becky Hoffman


Referral Required

This upcoming service is soon to be available at our Dementia Resource Center Clinic. A referral from one of our clinicians is needed to be eligible for this service. Have questions? Contact us!

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