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Preventing Dementia

International and US dementia experts believe most dementia is preventable if we start healthy living well before the dementia process starts or at least as soon as possible. According to the international dementia experts of the UK’s Lancet Commission on Dementia, at least 40% of late-onset (past age 65) dementia may be preventable. Dementia is not a random case of bad luck. There is much we can do for prevention.

D-CAN provides Dementia Prevention Consultations to help identify and instruct on risk factor reduction for an individual based on their medical history and lifestyle. Contact us to schedule your consultation at our Dementia Resource Center Clinic in St. Cloud, MN.

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We provide Dementia Prevention Consultations for anyone interested in reducing their risk of developing dementia. During these consultations we do a thorough dementia risk assessment then devise a personalized risk reduction plan to mitigate that risk. We then schedule follow up appointments to track progress.

During consultations for dementia prevention we will assess your dementia risk based upon risk factors like the following among others:

Obesity, Insulin resistance and diabetes, severe stress, depression, sedentary lifestyle, genetic risk factors, history or personal or physical trauma, inflammatory conditions, loss of initiative, toxin/pollution exposure, overuse of medications especially those with cognitive side effects, loss of hearing/vision, social isolation, hormone imbalances, stomach problems, poor sleep, low oxygen conditions like sleep apnea, vitamin and dietary deficiencies.

Although these are among the most common risk factors, we investigate for several other potentially controllable or treatable risks.  These include other sleep disorders, head injuries, cancer and its treatments, lung disease, heart and rhythm disorders, polypharmacy of meds, substance abuse, chronic infections, use of antiseptic mouthwash, poor nutrition and many others. Studies show that we could cut dementia prevalence in half if we could delay it by 5 years for everyone.

We will review your risk factors during our dementia prevention consultations and provide you with a detailed personalized risk reduction plan tailored to your needs.

What’s your risk of dementia? Take the quiz!

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Understanding your dementia risk, or a loved one’s risk, is a great place to begin when you’re worried about the disease. Download the pdf, and take the dementia assessment quiz to find out your level of risk.

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Dementia Prevention Consultations are available to current and new Dementia Resource Center Clinic patients and their caregivers. Are you concerned about your risk of developing dementia? Call our Dementia Resource Center Clinic and book an appointment.

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