Still Alice Book Review

Written by DCAN Contributor

April 22, 2024

Title and Author: “Still Alice” by Lisa Genova

Review written by: Kristina Woischke, Community Health Worker

How many stars would you give it: 5 stars

Would you recommend the book? Yes.

Who would this book be good for? Professional? Caregiver? Person living with dementia?: All of the above.

Review: Author Lisa Genova does a great job writing this novel through the perspective of main character, Alice. By doing this, we as readers get the opportunity to put ourselves into Alice’s shoes and gain a better understanding of what it would feel like to be living with dementia.

Alice Howland is a 50-year-old Harvard linguistics professor who, in the height of her career, notices new changes with forgetfulness and disorientation. At first, Alice attributes these changes to stress and exhaustion, but sought medical help as these changes did not feel normal. After undergoing extensive testing with a neurologist, Alice was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

After receiving the diagnosis, Alice wonders how the progression of the disease will impact her quality of life. As we follow the journey with her, we experience moments of sadness, fear, and frustration. With the support of her loved ones, we also get to experience many moments of joy and happiness alongside Alice throughout the progression of the disease. Alice and her caregivers do their best to live in the moment and find things to appreciate. They build on her strengths and do not let the disease define her.